All about the cream-spot ladybird. Does include a discussion of reproduction with some mildly strong language so take care while listening!  Featuring...View Details

I interview Mark Welfare from the Northeast Ladybird Spot, and Juliet Wilson and Per Smiseth from Cemetery Wildlife Watch about ladybirds in cemeterie...View Details

Всім привіт і ласкаво просимо до 46 серії «Приховані крила та жага крові». Я ваша господарка, Рейчел. І я не збираюся робити звичайне вступ, я просто ...View Details

Find out about a little-known South African ladybird. Please note that the 'meandering black line' description was not mine but was said by one of the...View Details

Have you ever wondered about ladybirds in Ukraine? Find out all about ladybirds in Ukrainian culture, how many types of ladybirds there are in Ukraine...View Details

Learn about a ladybird that is one of the world's worst pests of soybeans.  Podcast recommendation - Gardeners of the Galaxy (@orbitalgardens on Twitt...View Details

Despite what it says in the intro this is episode 44. I talk to spider advocate Tea Francis about the relationship between ladybirds and spiders. We t...View Details

Steve Allain talks me through the changes to protection of endangered species and possible threats to their survival from proposed government legislat...View Details

This week's episode is all about the twice-stabbed ladybug. Found in North America, this ladybird has interesting genetics and a weird lifestyle. Plus...View Details

Find out about a ladybird with square spots that can be said to resemble a clown face, a football, an emoji, an anchor and more!  This week's podcast ...View Details

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