I talk to paranormal investigator CJ Romer about his memories of 1976, the year when 23 billion ladybirds invaded the UK. We have a fun conversation a...View Details

You might have heard about the ladybird invasion of 1976. In Part 1 of this special 2-part episode, I talk about what happened in that famous year and...View Details

Discover the world of the 6-spotted zigzag ladybird, a commonly found ladybird in India and the Pacific.  Picture used on the episode artwork by Renju...View Details

A deep dive into the relationships between ladybirds and ants. With a podcast recommendation for Just Plain Wrong - @plainwrongpod on Twitter.  My apo...View Details

In 2019 Mohammad Najajrah and Mazin Qumsiyeh from the Palestine Museum of Natural History, at the University of Bethlehem, carried out the first ever ...View Details

Learn about a newly discovered ladybird from the Shirkuh mountain range in Iran, only confirmed as a new species in 2020.  Content warning: This episo...View Details

Learn about a metallic blue ladybird native to Australia.  Plus, coming up is the UK Wildlife Podcast's 50th episode - stay tuned for the link!  The p...View Details

Helen Day who runs the website Ladybird Fly Away Home, dedicated to vintage Ladybird Books, talks to me about the history of the company, the artists ...View Details

Find out about the ladybird behind Ladybird Books - the 11-spot ladybird. With a promo for CritterCast podcast. Also please check out Ryan Dalton's In...View Details

Learn about the tiny inconspicuous ladybird Scymnus interruptus! With a recommendation for Grubbing in the Filth podcast. Take a look at @gtifpodcast ...View Details

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